How Does Ayurveda Treat Bone Disorders

Bone disorders can vary from simple bone pain to severe bone fractures. It is a diverse spectrum of diseases including connective tissues like ligaments and tendons. This remains part and parcel of everyone’s life as it is inevitable as age progresses. Present-day lifestyle and diet are contributing to the prevalence of bone and connective tissue disorders.

  • Unfortunately, no ideal conservative treatment for the same is available in present-day medicine and most of them either restrict their life to it or get dependent on temporary fixes like painkillers, and steroids which in turn worsens their status. The last option remains to be a surgical replacement.
  • Since the ancient time during the war, all diseases pertaining to the king and royal family were managed by the chief ayurvedic physician of the kingdom, we have references of them performing miraculous treatment for all bone and conductive tissue disorders, but eventually due to the foreign invasion and westernization popularity of the glorious treatment methods of Vedic science depleted.
  • In Ayurveda, Bhavaprakasha samhitha states various osteo generic drugs like Asthishrunkhala, Guggulu, and Gokshura accelerate the process of bone healing. Recent studies have also suggested that ayurvedic drugs stimulate osteoblastogenesis and can be used as preventive/ alternative natural medicine for bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Exerting an anabolic anti-glucocorticoid effect helps to preserve muscle tissue by increasing strength and exerts anti-glucocorticoid properties, and is suggested by several studies. Ayurvedic drugs also possess antimicrobial antioxidant properties. (Research paper published in the international journal of Ayurveda and Pharma research)

Still, most of the Indian population is not aware of  Ayurveda which can prove miracles in chronic bone disorders. As painkillers, steroids, and even banned drugs are available over the counter to get quick relief. when the disease reaches the extreme they will start looking for an alternative option.

In recent times, the majority of the population are suffering from the loss of bone density, which can lead to fractures and a compressed spinal column, thereby affecting posture and resulting in pain in the back and the spine with increasing age. With alarming conditions, it affects other functions and organs in the body, causing associated symptoms of osteoporosis, constipation, degenerative arthritis, low back pain, insomnia, and dental problems. The incidences are more prevalent in older women.

Ayurvedic understanding of bone and connective tissue diseases:

  • Ayurveda considers this deficiency disorder to be dominated by the Vata dosha. Our acharyas stated that Basthi karma ( enema with medications )with ghee, medicated oil, and milk will regenerate the bone tissue, present-day research and studies have supported this fact.

According to Ayurveda in general degenerative bone disorders can only be managed by pacifying the Vata dosha and acharya Charaka says BASTHI KARMA is the best treatment procedure to tackle the vata.

Inflammatory bone disorders are caused by Ama dosha, which can be tackled by VIRECHANA KARMA( purgatory therapy).

In Ayurveda, the role of Panchakarma, especially Basti(medicated enema) has a very important role in the treatment of many disorders. Basti is considered best as it has multiple actions on the body compared to Sneha(unctuous), Sweda (sudation) or any other Pradhaana Karmas. Most of us may have heard about enemas In modern medicine it is always given to remove the faeces (stools) from the colon but in Ayurveda, it is given for multiple purposes. Using the combination of many drugs produces an equilibrium of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, hence curing the disease, removing toxic materials from the body, increases fertility. It maintains health and longevity. Basti is the best Chikitsa for Vata, so also for Pitta, Kapha and Rakta in bone disorders and here are proper research studies to support the facts mentioned above.

It’s the right time for us to help people struggling with long-standing bone and connective tissue disorders and those who still haven’t found the right way to get it treated, we in Praanavaidya aim in bringing authentic ayurveda experience to your doorsteps with highly qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapists. Let’s be proud of our roots and help mankind for a better future.

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