Ayurvedic Piles Treatment
Without Surgery in Bangalore

Scared Of Surgery For Piles, Fissure And Fistula?

Say “No” To Complications Of Open And Laser Surgery.

Most effective “Kshara Karma” for piles,
fissure and fistula
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What is Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Swollen veins in the anus and rectum caused by piles make patients restless and they quite often bleed. Hemorrhoids generally occur when stains take place caused by bowel movement. There could be other reasons for this too – pregnancy and obesity are one of those. Patients suffering from piles or Hemorrhoids feel pain and discomfort while sitting for a long hour or especially when bowel movement.


Apart from bleeding, patients also feel discomfort due to severe itching which is also a common symptom of piles. Patients are advised to consume a high-fiber diet. Apart from this, patients can also use stool softeners to get rid of complications caused by piles. We are providing best ayurvedic treatment for joint pain, infertility, weight loss at world class facilities.

Piles Symptoms

What is Fistula?

Fistula occurs when your body parts get connected abnormally with other parts that can differ in terms of structure. Fistula occurs when a patient’s organ or blood vessel connects with another body part that is completely different from it. The disease can take place due to surgery, injury, or infection. Fistula can be of different types that include blind, horseshoe, complete, and incomplete.

Fistula Symptoms

What is Fissure?

It’s a small tear in the moist and thin mucosa that lines that anus. An anal fissure can take place while passing hard stools, especially during bowel movements. Bleeding and pain are some of the common symptoms that patients suffering from fissures often experience during bowel movements. Patients can also feel spasms in the muscle’s ring at the end of the anal sphincter. Young infants are prone to be infected by fissures.

Fissure Symptoms

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Treatments methods

Kshara Karma

kshara karma

As one of the popular forms of ayurvedic treatment method, Kshara sutra is the most effective technique to cure piles, fissures, and other anorectal diseases. The treatment is a minimally invasive Ayurvedic para-surgical procedure using alkali-smeared threads, which is safe, sure, and cost-effective management of anorectal diseases.

Traditional Open Surgery

Open traditional surgery has been the most popular technique to cure many diseases. We at Praanavaidya have a team of surgeons who perform open surgery with the use of cutting-edge tools and equipment to cure various diseases.

Laser surgery

We specialize in performing laser surgery that involves using laser light beams to perform the entire surgical process and cut tissues. Whether you need to cure piles or fissures, our doctors specialize in curing these diseases through laser surgery.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Bengaluru

Ayurvedic Medical Management

The main goal of treatment for this disease is to identify and avoid any triggers or causes of the condition. Laxatives may be prescribed to improve digestion, and other medications may be recommended based on an individual’s dominant dosha (a concept in Ayurvedic medicine). Other treatment options may include sitz baths, the application of paste to the affected area, and dietary changes. These methods can all help to alleviate the condition.

Cuts No Yes No
Scars & Stiches No Yes No
Hospital Duration 6hrs 2-3 days 1 day
Painless Procedure Yes No No
Recovery 1 Day 1-3 week 1 week
Blood Loss Nil Yes Minimal
Infection Chances Nil Yes Minimal
Complications Nil Many Few

Frequently Asked Questions

Kshara  karma is the ancient technique of application of kshara which a medicine prepared with various technique which removes the pile mass, heals fissure and closes the fistula tract.

Kshara karma has no major side effects as it’s a very minimally invasive procedure and has very minimal handling of tissues.

Yes. Authentic ayurvedic kshara karma gives 100 % percent result in piles, fissure/ fistula with near to nil chances of recurrence.

Yes. Kshara karma costs about 20 % percent of the conventional / laser surgery.