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What is Obesity?

Obesity is a nutritional disorder that takes place due to an unhealthy lifestyle and unhygienic food. An excessive weight that gets accumulated in a human body is often referred to as obesity. When you eat fat-enriched food, fried food, junk food, etc. your body tends to accumulate excessive fat. And of course, a sedentary lifestyle helps your body accumulate excessive fat and causes obesity.


Obesity is itself a disease and tends to disturb various metabolic structures in your body. It causes diseases like diabetes, digestion, hypertension, irregular digestion, and more. It makes your life complicated and thus impacts your social life too. Obesity can be a serious concern for anyone as it is a root cause of other health diseases. Based on Body Mass Index (BMI), one can determine obesity. It can also be determined based on fat distribution.


According to Ayurveda, obesity occurs when an excessive Meda accumulates and Mamsa leads to flabbiness of the abdomen, hips, and breast. It is also known as one of Santarpanottha Vikaras. Disorders of fat metabolism known as Medodushti in Ayurveda may cause heart disease as well. We are providing best ayurvedic treatment for joint pain, infertility at world class facilities.

Symptoms of Obesity

Following are some of the symptoms of obesity;

Ayurveda Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore

Praanavaidya is a one-stop destination for all those suffering from obesity and looking for the best option for Ayurvedic weight loss treatment. We have a team of highly qualified therapists and doctors. We are a certified and authorized wellness center that is located in Bangalore and serves patients across the country. We are specialized in Ayurveda weight loss treatments and help patients get fast results. Our treatment process for obesity mainly includes diet, detoxification, change in lifestyle, and medication.    

Why Praanavaidya?

Non-Surgical Fat Loss Treatment
Non-Surgical Fat Loss Treatment

Various treatment options for weight loss and weight gain like Ayurveda, Nutrition & Surgery?

Treatment options are selected based on your need

Well experienced & highly qualified Ayurvedic, Bariatric, Plastic surgeons for Surgical options & nutritionists, ayurvedic physicians for non-surgical options

End to End assistance with 24/7 personalized patient coordinators

No cost EMI facility available

Our Top specialists in Bangalore

Dr. Chetan Upadhyaya

Consultant Ayurvedic physician & General Surgeon


Dr. Pradeep Kumar N

MBBS DNB (gen surgery) DNB (plastic surgery) MBA
Exp: 9 Years


Dr. Waseem

Consultant General and Bariatric Surgeon


Dr. Vidya

Consultant plant-based clinical nutritionist


Dr. Swasthika Upadhyaya

Consultant Ayurvedic Physician & Panchakarma expert


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Treatments options

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Bengaluru

Ayurvedic Medical Management

People with mild to moderate obesity due to lifestyle disorders can be treated Ayurvedic medications which nourish the body and help in gain weight and reduce weight without any side effects.

liposuction treatment without surgery

For abnormal distribution of fat and to achieve a good shape of body. Liposuction is the last treatment option. It is a minimally invasive surgery in which fat is sucked out to give a desired counter & shape to the body.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment in Bengaluru

Ayurveda Therapies

Procedures like Panchakarma and Rasayana purify & restore metabolism of the body. Hence proper use of those treatments can prove wonders in weight loss and weight gain.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment

Bariatric Surgery

For abnormal weight gain where obesity is the main focus, the target is to tackle the abnormal fat all over the body. Bariatric surgery is done through keyhole incisions through laparoscopy where post-operative metabolism is altered & drastic weight loss is seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. These treatments aim in correcting the metabolism of body there by restore normal weight.

Yes. Ayurvedic medications & therapies can reduce weight without surgery.

Panel of doctors from different specialties decides the best possible treatments after examining you & according to your needs.