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department of kayachikitsa

Dr Pramod karanth


Exp: 4 yrs

Seeking effective solutions rooted in Ayurveda for chronic illnesses and lifestyle concerns? Look no further than Dr. Pramod Karanth, a seasoned Ayurvedic consultant renowned for his mastery in addressing such issues through his profound expertise in traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Intrigued by the potential of Ayurvedic therapies? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pramod Karanth today and embark on your journey towards holistic well-being.

Dr swasthika


Exp: 5 yrs

Consultant Ayurvedic physician with masterly expertise in treating chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders with her extensive and adept knowledge in ayurvedic approach.

Interested in ayurvedic treatments?

Book an appointment with Dr. Swasthika Upadhyaya to get ayurvedic treatment for modern-day problems.

Department of medicine

DR. Shivraj kk


Exp: 10 yrs

Dr. Shivraj KK is a Physician and Diabetologist who holds extensive expertise in the field of internal medicine. Fed up with diabetic problems?

Book an appointment with Dr. Shivraj KK to get a solution for your diabetes, its complications and other health-related queries.

DR. Pradeep s j

MBBS Consultant Family Physician

Exp: 9 yrs

Dr. Pradeep S J is a consultant family physician with expertise in primary care and providing comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Looking for a family doctor?

Book an Appointment with Dr. Pradeep S J to solve all your primary medical concerns.

Department of shalya tantra



Exp: 6 yrs

Dr. Chetan Upadhyaya is an Ayurvedic surgeon who specializes in Ayurvedic surgical & para surgical procedures with an integrated approach. Fear of surgery?

Book an appointment with Dr.Chetan Upadhyaya to get non-surgical solutions for your surgical problems.

Dr madhuri


Exp: 6yrs

Meet Dr. Madhuri, an Ayurvedic surgeon renowned for her expertise in specialized Ayurvedic surgical and para-surgical techniques, employing an integrative approach to treatment.

Seeking alternatives to conventional surgery? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Madhuri to explore non-surgical options for your medical needs.

Department of surgery

Dr Wasim dar

MBBS,MS(Gen Surg), MRCS(Eng), MRCS(Glasg), FAIS, FMAS, DMAS(Bariatric), Dip Hernia(APHS)

Exp: 16 yrs

Dr. Wasim M Dar is a consultant surgeon with prowess and meticulous experience in the field of general Sergey and expertise in Laparoscopy, Vascular surgery and Laser surgical procedures.

Book an appointment with Dr. Wasim M Dar for bariatric surgery, gal bladder, gastrointestinal issues, laparoscopic surgeries and all hernias.

Dr Shravan


Exp: 10 yrs

Dr. Shravan, a seasoned consultant surgeon, brings formidable skills and meticulous expertise to the realm of general surgery, specializing in Laparoscopy, Vascular surgery, and Laser surgical procedures.

For bariatric surgery, gall bladder concerns, gastrointestinal issues, laparoscopic procedures, and hernia treatments, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shravan today.

Department of plastic surgery

Dr Pradeep kumar N

MBBS DNB (gen surgery) DNB (plastic surgery) MBA

Exp: 9 yrs

Dr Pradeep Kumar is an  accomplished Doctor in plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is also a versatile person who holds an MBA in hospital management. Worried about the side effects of cosmetic surgery? Fear not we are here to bust all the myths about it.

Book an appointment with Dr. Pradeep Kumar N for all cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, burns and all varieties of wound management.

Dr Sameer M halageri

MS(General Surgery), MCh (Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery)

Exp: 8 yrs

Dr. Sameer is an accomplished surgeon who also has a fellowship in Microvascular Surgery and Onco Reconstruction. Expertise in plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Department of shalakya tantra

Dr ramya


Exp: 4 yrs

Dr. Ramya, an Ayurvedic ENT surgeon, holds expertise in both ENT and ophthalmology. As a thriving entrepreneur deeply committed to the Ayurvedic lifestyle, he offers unparalleled insight into holistic healthcare.

Seeking an ENT consultation? Dr. Ramya is your trusted advisor, just a tap away.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ramya for expert solutions addressing ailments of the nose, ear, head, neck, and eyes.

Dr vivek gowda


Exp: 5 yrs

Vivek Gowda is an ayurvedic ENT surgeon, who is specialized in ENT and ophthalmology. He is a successful entrepreneur who has a passion for the ayurvedic way of life. Need an ENT consultation? Your go-to ENT consultant is one tap ahead.

Book an appointment with Dr. Vivek Gowda and get a solution for diseases of nose, ear, head and neck and eye diseases

Department of dentistry

Dr dileep Bharadwaj


Exp: 20 yrs

Dr. Dileep Bharadwaj, a dentist and esteemed leader in oral and maxillofacial surgery, excels in trauma care, facial reconstruction, and dental implant procedures.

Dealing with bothersome dental concerns? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dileep Bharadwaj to find comprehensive solutions for all your dental needs, including implants and facial fracture treatments.

Dr shrikanth KB

MDS(Oral & Faciomaxillary surgery)

Exp: 9 yrs

A Dentist and Accomplished visionary in the field of Oral and faciomaxillary with expertise in trauma, facial reconstruction and dental implants. Irritative dental issues?

Book an appointment with Dr. Shrikanth K B to get a solution for all your dental problems, implants and facial fractures.

Department of gynaecology

Dr ananya


Exp: 10 yrs

Meet Dr. Ananya, a distinguished gynecology consultant with a fellowship in minimal access surgery and a wealth of experience in medical assistance services.

Schedule an appointment with our doctor to address all your pregnancy-related concerns and embark on the journey to joyful parenthood.

Dr rashmi naik


Exp: 16 yrs

Dr. Rashmi Naik is an accomplished gynecology consultant who has a fellowship in minimal access surgery and also has expertise in medical assistance services.

Get an appointment with our doctor to get rid of all your pregnancy-related queries and have happy parenting.

Department of prasooti tantra

Dr sandhya Lakshmi

BAMS MD(AYU), YIC,(Ayurvedic Endocrinology & women health)

Exp: 6 yrs

Dr. Sandhya Lakshmi is an expert Ayurvedic physician who specializes in the art of ayurvedic endocrinology, yoga, & diet and provides the best of solutions to her patient. Have questions about women’s health?

Book an appointment with Dr. Sandhya Lakshmi for queries regarding women’s health and ayurvedic approach for endocrinological disorders.

Dr Anusha


Dr. Anusha, an accomplished Ayurvedic practitioner, specializes in the intricate realm of Ayurvedic endocrinology, yoga, and dietary practices, offering optimal solutions to her patients.

Curious about women’s health concerns? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Anusha Lakshmi to explore Ayurvedic approaches for endocrine disorders and other women’s health queries.

Dr Raksha

BAMS, MS (Ayu)

Exp: 6 yrs

Dr. Raksha is an accomplished ayurvedic gynecologist, expertise in obstetrics who is also specialized in infertility. Everyone has the right to dream, even you can be a happy mother/father. Book an appointment with Dr. Raksha to get ayurvedic solutions for your infertility problems and have a happy parenting.

Department of kaumarabrithya

Dr raju

BAMS MD ( Ayu)

Exp: 20 yrs

Dr narasimha

BAMS MD ( Ayu)

Exp: 20 yrs

Department of orthopaedics

Dr Mahesh


Exp: 8 yrs

An orthopedic surgeon with vast experience in treating trauma and fractures. He is a pioneer in spine and replacement surgeries.

Book an appointment with Dr. Mahesh for fractures, spine, joint and bone diseases.

Dr Chetan nagraj

Exp: 20Yrs

Dr. Chetan Nagraj, an orthopedic surgeon renowned for extensive experience in trauma and fracture care, is a trailblazer in spine and joint replacement surgeries.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Chetan Nagraj for expert care in fractures, spinal conditions, joint issues, and bone diseases.

Department of urology

Dr devraj URS


Exp: 10 yrs

Dr. Devraj is a general surgeon who also has vast experience in Endourology, microscopic varicocele repair and TOT repair for SUI and laparoscopy. 

Book an appointment with Dr. Devraj for queries regarding laparoscopic nephrectomy, ureteric reimplantation and general surgery

Dr rohit hegde


Exp: 10 yrs

Dr. Rohit Hegde, a general surgeon, boasts extensive expertise in Endourology, microscopic varicocele repair, TOT repair for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), and laparoscopic procedures.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rohit Hegde for inquiries about laparoscopic nephrectomy, ureteric reimplantation, and general surgical concerns.

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