Yoga & wellness

To be healthy it’s important that our Mind, Body and spirits are in turn functioning properly. In order to balance out mind and spirit with our body yoga is of utmost necessity. Yoga is one of the oldest life science given by Lord Adiyogi himself. Yoga does not merely include asanas, but a systematic regimen to keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Yogic practices such as Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya and much more healS us from within.

We at PRAANAVAIDYA have passionate professionals who have adopted yoga as a part of life and will lead you to a better and healthy way of life.
 Your mind, body, and soul must all be in good working condition for you to be healthy. Body yoga is crucial to achieve mental and spiritual harmony. One of the first forms of life science, Yoga was imparted by Lord Adiyogi. It is now used as an alternate kind of healthcare. Yoga is more than just asana; it’s also a well-organized routine for maintaining your body, mind, and spirit in good condition. Numerous yoga services are offered by us, including banda, asanas, yoga aerobics, pranayama, kriyas, and yoga therapy. At Praana Vaidya, we employ dedicated professionals who have made yoga a part of their daily lives and who will guide you toward a more fulfilling and healthy way of living.
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